This is one the largest airports in the United Kingdom and that is why you need reliable parking so that you do not have to navigate through the crowded parking lots. Meet & Greet Reservations is offering convenient, yet cheap Birmingham Airport parking that will take the hassle out of your overall travel plans.

With our 97% customer satisfaction rate, price check guarantee, and SSL-certified website, you should know that we have everything you need for your business plans. With maximum security concerns at each Birmingham Airport Parking lot, your car will remain 100% safe and secure.

Meet & Greet Reservations is proud to provide the Never Beaten Price Guarantee for our Car Parking at Birmingham Airport. For the lowest rates on Birmingham Airport parking, we continually check our rates with those of other parking companies.

Offering cost-effective choices without sacrificing quality is our commitment. You can get affordable Birmingham Airport parking with us that meets your needs while also being convenient. We provide the Park Mark certified, most luxurious, affordable, closest to the Airport, and most convenient parking at Birmingham Airport.

We provide quick cancellation or modification options for all Car Parking at Birmingham Airport, as well as a price check guarantee. By booking your Airport parking in advance with us, you can have a stress-free trip avoid the burden of looking for parking on the spot and save up to 50%.

Birmingham Airport Parking Options

We offer the cheapest options for parking thanks to our unmatched rates. With Meet & Greet Reservation's affordable parking options, you can save money without sacrificing quality. Pick us to receive the best deal and take advantage of the cheap parking at Birmingham Airport.

All Birmingham Airport Parking providers are Park Mark certified. Meet-and-Greet, Park-and-Ride, and On-Site Birmingham airport parking are provided at affordable rates. All parking type offers cheap parking at Birmingham Airport and extra services to make your trip more pleasant.

Meet and Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport

As this parking is the most popular one, this can be unavailable during peak times. So, we highly recommend that you pre-book your parking space with us and get up to 50% discount. Moreover, you will have peace of mind that your parking location is waiting for your departure day.

So that’s how Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet Parking works!

Call your parking provider 10 -15 minutes before you arrive at the terminal. A driver will meet you at the terminal.  Before handing over your keys take a snap of your speedometer to remember the kilometres your car has covered. Exit the car and take your luggage. Then hand over the keys, and breeze through the check-in. The driver will park your car at one of our closest to the terminal parking lot. There are multiple top-notch security facilities at the parking lots. This includes;

  • CCTV camera
  • Fences
  • Entrance
  • Exit barriers
  • Licence plate recognition system
  • 24/7 security patrols

Moreover, all the parking lots are approved by different authorities which inspect the safety and risk assessment precautions of every parking company. This includes Park Mark, the British Parking Association, DMCA, and airport official security teams.

Park and Ride Birmingham Airport Parking

Meet & Greet Reservations provides safe, convenient park-and-ride parking that is very cost-effective at Birmingham Airport. You can easily use our shuttle service to get to the terminal after leaving your car in one of our secure lots that are nearest to the check-in area.

Spending more time on the bus means more money saved for your trip. We will be liable for caring for your car the whole time you are travelling, and we deal with safety frameworks nonstop to give you enough inner peace.

If you can't focus on premium Birmingham Airport Parking and are focussed on something more economical, then you ought to pick our Birmingham Airport Park and Ride service. This is not only cost-effective but also offers maximum convenience and affordability.

You have to park your car at one of our closest to the terminal off-Airport Birmingham Airport Parking lot, take your car keys, and use the Meet & Greet Reservations free and fast shuttle bus to reach the terminal. Although it can take around 30 minutes to drop you off, this extra time means extra cash remains in your hand. Imagine where you can spend those savings.

Moreover, the shuttle buses run frequently every 15 minutes and the Car Parking at Birmingham Airport is secured with multiple security measures. Such as CCTV cameras, fences, barriers, etc.

Official Birmingham International Parking

As the name can explain, these Car Parking Birmingham Airport are located right within the Airport premises. This can be a bit more expensive than other parking options, but we have a solution for you.

Meet & Greet Reservations on-airport Birmingham Airport parking will be your best option if you value convenience and want to save time and effort at every turn. You will need to walk for a few minutes to get to our parking lots, which are immediately next to the check-in area.

While this convenience can be pricey, when combined with our pre-booking discount of 50%, you will get the best parking rate. Also, pre-booking will give you further confidence knowing that a parking space has been allocated.

This Car Parking at Birmingham Airport works a bit like Park and Ride, but you will not be parking your car outside the Airport and not have to use any shuttle bus. Making it the best option for short-stay car parking.

Compare Birmingham Airport Parking

A simple process takes place in ordering our Birmingham Airport parking. The list of available parking spaces can be compared. The parking can be reserved in a couple of snaps after you pick your choice.

We have a long-stay and short-stay Birmingham Airport Parking choice. We are free to address your issues, whether you are leaving on a long vacation or just dropping somebody off or getting them.

Long Stay Car Parking at Birmingham Airport

Welcome to our affordable long-stay Birmingham Airport Parking administration, where comfort meets affordability for your lengthy trips. Our variety of parking choices guarantees a consistent encounter, custom-made explicitly for long stays. Appreciate genuine serenity as we focus on the well-being of your car with the best security features.

Our obligation to reasonableness guarantees that your trip doesn't accompany unreasonable costs. We offer a scope of conveniences to upgrade your car parking Birmingham Airport experience, from helpful transport services to sufficiently bright and observed parking lots. Relax realizing that your car is in capable hands while you leave on your trip.

At Long Stay Birmingham Airport Parking, Meet & Greet Reservations believe in making your travel experience as calm as possible. By providing first-rate facilities at the lowest costs, we intend to reclassify long-stay parking. Entrust us with your vehicle, and focus on what is important - partaking in your trip without limit. Your experience starts with problem-free parking customized to meet your all-inclusive needs.

Short Stay Birmingham Airport Parking

Welcome to our Short Stay Parking services at Birmingham Airport, where your comfort is our priority. Whether you're getting somebody, dropping them off, going to a conference, or managing different tasks, Meet & Greet Reservations has you covered.

Our parking spots are just outside the check-in areas, guaranteeing a consistent experience that saves you crucial time and work. Meet & Greet Reservations apprehends the requests for short-stay Birmingham Airport Parking. We aim to make your visit as effective and tranquil as possible.

Rely on us to meet your particular necessities with a problem-free solution for car parking at Birmingham Airport for fast visits. We aim to give you the availability and ease you demand, so you can zero in on what makes the biggest difference during your trip.

Who can use Meet and Greet Birmingham Airport Parking?

Different travellers can use meet-and-greet parking at Birmingham Airport. You have planned a family trip or you are visiting any location for a brief business trip. You can relax and enjoy your journey with your loved ones because of the convenient meet-and-greet parking at Birmingham Airport.

Business Travellers

Start your travel plans with the Birmingham Airport car park if you have planned a business trip. Realizing that your car is parked at a safe and secure parking lot will provide you peace of mind. Car parking at Birmingham Airport while you embark on a journey, will be the wisest decision for your parking solution.

Most business travellers want a time-saving and comfortable solution for their parking needs. Business travellers don't want something to disturb them during their important business matters.

This is exactly what Meet & Greet Birmingham Airport offers. You just have to drive to the terminal, and a driver will handle everything for you, and you can just breeze through the airport.

Some businessmen who have a scheduled meeting with a client or partners at the airport, use a Meet & Greet Birmingham Airport service because it can convey professionalism. It shows that you value your time and are willing to invest in services that make your travel experience more efficient.

Apart from Birmingham Airport, Businessmen can also avail of our services at other prominent UK airports. For instance, if a businessman is travelling from Gatwick Airport to Birmingham Airport, he has the luxury to utilise our parking services in both destinations. 

Business travellers want time management more than anything. Birmingham meet-and-greet parking will provide you with an invaluable and professional service. Trained valet drivers are at your service to handle the meet-and-greet parking at Birmingham Airport.

Going on a Family Vacation

If you are going on a family vacation, then you must have heavy luggage with you, that needs carrying to the terminal. But, other cheapest meet and greet Birmingham options like Park and Ride need a shuttle bus transport to reach the terminal.

This can be difficult to manage when you have a family and luggage to take care of. So, Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet offers a reliable solution by eliminating the need for any shuttle bus. You can just drive directly to the drop-off location, and walk to the check-in point.

Families with children or lots of luggage will understand the convenience of dropping off their vehicles right at the terminal entrance. This convenience can help reduce stress and make the start of the vacation more enjoyable.

Passengers with any Physical Disability

Just like people with family, blue badge holders will face the same problems. They cannot handle heavy luggage, bus transfers, and walking long distances to reach the terminal. This is where Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet Parking saves the day again.

Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet drivers are most likely to be trained to handle such conditions. They can help you with your luggage, walk the stairs, give support until you reach the check-in, and help you with anything they can.

Cheapest Prices for Birmingham Airport Parking 

Travelling is charming, yet searching for reasonable airport parking in Birmingham tends to be challenging. We promise not to let the stress of finding a reasonable airport parking stifle the excitement of embarking on a trip to your desired destination.

Airprot Overview

Birmingham Airport is a worldwide air terminal in Birmingham, West Midlands, Britain. It is the most active air terminal in the United Kingdom, serving both homegrown and global flights. The air terminal gives a scope of offices and services to take special care of the necessities of travellers and tourists.

Airport Directions

Enter the A45 eastward and follow the signs to arrive at the air terminal. The air terminal is very much signposted and effectively open to significant road networks. If you're driving from the M42, exit at Intersection 6 and follow the signs for the airport.

Facilities at Birmingham Airport

Apart from airport parking Birmingham services, you can have access to the following facilities at the airport:

  • Assistance Desks
  • Airport Maps
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Baggage Shipping and Forwarding
  • Bag Wrap
  • Baggage Weigh Scales
  • Courier Services
  • Changing Place
  • Checking in the day before your flight
  • Charge Points
  • Disabled Parking
  • Eagle Hoists
  • Grain Store
  • Parking options 
  • Going through security
  • Help Points
  • Hidden Disabilities
  • Internet/ WiFi
  • Lost Property
  • Contact
  • Luggage Service
  • Luggage storage - location and price
  • Mobility Aids
  • Oxygen Therapy

Top Things To Do


The airport facilitates its consumers with a range of eateries and pubs for their ease. For your voyage to be joyful as well as vigorous, try to buy edible food. Middle Eastern restaurant in Birmingham offers free food to children.


The airport, being the busiest, stays uncompromising by offering its valuable customers Premium service. The service offers VIP security, lounges, hotels, shopping maps, free WiFi, and a lot more striking services.

Play Area

Kids can be a problem sometimes due to flight delays or else. The airport offers play areas for kids at both of its terminals so you may take a rest in the lobby and let them play under the supervision of attendants.


The airport also presents its clients with a complimentary makeover service, absolutely free. Just reach out and avail the facility.


There are secure meeting rooms and business lounges available at the airport. So big organisations may conduct meetings out there and not waste time.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions