Cheap Birmingham Airport Parking

We have the most convenient, luxurious, closest to the airport, Park Mark certified, and cheapest parking at Birmingham Airport. We offer a price check guarantee and easy cancellation or amendment options for all parking options.

Whether you are going on a long trip, or planning to pick up or drop off someone at the airport, we have a comprehensive solution for all of your Birmingham Airport parking problems. These services not only come at the lowest prices but also offer maximum facilities to the customers.

Birmingham Airport Parking Options

We have a diverse range of Meet and Greet, On-air, and Park and park-and-ride parking at Birmingham Airport and all of them offer the best convenience to the passengers. Apart from this, we offer a 60% pre-booking discount on each of the parking options.

Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet Parking

You will not need to use a shuttle service to reach the terminal. In Meet and Greet parking at Birmingham Airport, our well-trained chauffeur will be responsible for parking your car at the terminal. 

Just call us 10 - 15 minutes before entering the terminal, and our driver will be there to greet you and park your ride for you. You will give us your car at the airport terminal, and we will park it at the nearest location to the check-in point.

Park and Ride Parking at Birmingham Airport

We offer secure and easy-to-locate park-and-ride parking at Birmingham Airport, which offers great value for your money. Just park your ride at one of our closest to the check-in point parking lots and use our shuttle service to reach the terminal.

The bus will take 10 - 15 minutes to drop you off. This extra time spent on the bus means extra cash saved for your trip. During your whole trip, your car will be our responsibility and we have multiple security measures operating round-the-clock to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

On-Airport Parking at Birmingham Airport

If you prefer convenience and want to save time and effort at every turn, then our on-airport parking at Birmingham Airport will be the best option for you. Our Cheap Birmingham Airport parking lots are located right outside the check-in point and you will need a couple of minutes of walk to reach there.

This convenience can be costly, but when combined with our 60% discount on pre-booking you will get the cheapest Birmingham Airport Car parking deal. Also, pre-booking will give you additional peace of mind knowing that your parking space is already reserved.

Compare Birmingham Airport Parking Options

We have a parking solution for short-stay and long-stay parking at Birmingham Airport. Whether you are going on a long family vacation, or just dropping off or picking up someone, we are here to satisfy all of your needs.

Long Stay Parking at Birmingham Airport

We have a diverse range of Cheap Birmingham Airport parking options that are best suited for long–stay parking and do not break your wallet. We offer maximum facilities, and security measures at the cheapest rates possible so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying about the extra expenses.

Short Stay Parking at Birmingham Airport

Whether you are going to pick up, drop off, attend a business meeting, or have other concerns that involve the short-stay parking at Birmingham Airport, we have your needs covered.

To save maximum time, resources, and effort we have strategically made our parking lots right outside the check-in point, to offer a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pre-booking of Birmingham Airport Parking Necessary?

While pre-booking is not necessary, it offers a 60% discount and ultimate peace of mind knowing that you have already reserved your parking space.

Can I Cancel or Change my booking of Parking at Airport Birmingham?

Yes, we offer easy cancellation with 100% cash back, and easy amendments.

How does Birmingham Airport Valet Parking facilitate?

Using Birmingham Airport Valet Parking services will allow you to drop off your car at a specified valet service area. Then, parking it for you will be the responsibility of a professional valet attendant. The valet will return the car to you upon your arrival. 

Is Meet and Greet Parking at Birmingham Airport suitable for shorter trips? 

Absolutely. While ideal for longer journeys, the Meet and Greet service also offers a smooth transition for shorter trips, ensuring a convenient start and end to your travel.

Can cheap Birmingham airport parking services benefit customers like expensive ones?

A wide range of reasonably priced parking lots is available near Birmingham Airport for travellers to take advantage of. Shuttle services or easy walking access are often available at these lots near the terminals. Travelers value convenience, and it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive.

How are our Parking Lots safe?

We have multiple security measures working round-the-clock, like a Licence plate recognition system, exit and entrance barriers, fences, and security personnel.

Guide to Birmingham Airport
Birmingham airport is located east of the center of England and the center of the UK's motorway network. It can best be approached via M42 via the A45. Birmingham airport can easily be accessed by M42 via A45. Here are the directions you should need to know before leaving for the terminal.

From the north-west
Drive on M6 and merge to M42.

From the east
Drive on M6 and merge to M42. Follow the signboards to reach the terminal.

From the south-east
Drive on M40 and join M42.

From the south-west
Drive on M5 and merge to M42.

Satellite Navigation
The satellite navigation postcode of Birmingham airport is “B26 3QJ”

Facilities at Birmingham Airport

Apart from airport parking Birmingham services, you can have access to the following facilities at the airport:

  • Assistance Desks

  • Airport Maps

  • Assistance Dogs

  • Baggage Shipping and Forwarding

  • Bag Wrap

  • Baggage Weigh Scales

  • Courier Services

  • Changing Place

  • Checking in the day before your flight

  • Charge Points

  • Disabled Parking

  • Eagle Hoists

  • Grain Store

  • Parking options 

  • Going through security

  • Help Points

  • Hidden Disabilities

  • Internet/ WiFi

  • Lost Property

  • Contact

  • Luggage Service

  • Luggage storage - location and price

  • Mobility Aids

  • Oxygen Therapy


The airport facilitates its consumers with a range of eateries and pubs for their ease. For your voyage to be joyful as well as vigorous, try to buy edible food. Middle Eastern restaurant in Birmingham offers free food to children.


The airport, being the busiest, stays uncompromising by offering its valuable customers Premium service. The service offers VIP security, lounges, hotels, shopping maps, free WiFi, and a lot more striking services.

Play Area

Kids can be a problem sometimes due to flight delays or else. The airport offers play areas for kids at both of its terminals so you may take a rest in the lobby and let them play under the supervision of attendants.


The airport also presents its clients with a complimentary makeover service, absolutely free. Just reach out and avail the facility.


There are secure meeting rooms and business lounges available at the airport. So big organisations may conduct meetings out there and not waste time.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions