Get Luton Airport Parking at the cheapest rates, and enjoy the best convenience, sense of security, peace of mind, and much more. We have a diverse range of parking options that can bring premium parking service, at a price that will not drain your wallet.

We are here to prove that affordability does not mean compromising on quality services. Even with cheap rates, we offer security, the closest to the terminal, neat and clean, and a price check guarantee on every parking option. 

Always pre-book a parking spot to have a cheap seamless and stress-free experience. Apart from this, when you pre-book with us, you will get a huge 60% discount as well. Noticing our efforts towards providing reliable parking services at Luton Airport, we were awarded by Park Mark and DMCA. 

Travel is fun but the part which most people hate is finding a cheap Airport parking spot. City centres are bustling with traffic and finding airport car parking is difficult on its own but even more tedious is finding cheap airport parking. Luton Airport is one of the largest airports in the UK after Heathrow Airport and if you are boarding from Luton and worrying about the perfect airport parking spot, we see you! We at Meet and Greet have a mission to make the travel process as seamless and smooth as we can. With a commitment to excellence, we know exactly what a hurried passenger at an airport needs and how we can take care of his airport car parking problems. 

At Luton Airport, we offer you the safest, most secure and cheapest airport parking spot and the most stress-free parking procedure with several varied services tailored to accommodate your travel and airport car park requirements. We want you to board from Luton Airport with confidence without worrying about your prized possessions! 

Whether you are leaving Luton Airport for a quick business trip or going for an extended family vacation, we are here for your airport parking solutions. Maybe you are going to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony or are about to explore your dream travel destination, we have got you covered. Whether you have loads of luggage and carry-ons or are a single parent managing your kids who are excited (read over-excited!)for the trip, we make sure your pre-boarding experience from Luton  Airport is the most comfortable, secure, and hassle-free. 

As the threshold of stress-free travel, our Luton airport parking service offers a cheap harbour for travel enthusiasts looking for an efficient, cheap, and secure solution for their airport car parking while they fulfil their travelling dreams. With a mission to provide an elite airport parking experience, our cheap Luton airport parking services take pride in our state-of-the-art security apparatus, guaranteeing that our customers can leave their cars at the Luton airport parking with trust, resting assured that their valuable vehicles are in safe hands and secured airport parking.

Our Top-Notch Security Apparatus in Car Parking at Luton Airport 

Security is the topmost concern of a car owner. We understand this, so we only work with trusted, well-reputed airport parking companies our car parking at Luton Airport is secured with the latest technology and security measures. Following are the measures we take as part of our security apparatus at the Luton Airport car park. 

  • Well Lit Airport Parking lots
  • Trained Drivers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Entrance and Exit Barriers

Meet and Greet Reservations has some strict airport security policies and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfil our security policies. You can find three types of parking services at reasonable prices. Our parking rates start from £8 per day and vary every week. We promise to provide you with the best and cheapest rates for airport parking. Following is the list of the parking services we offer at Meet and Greet Reservations.

Airport Overview

The airport was constructed and opened to the public in 1938, and has been one the busiest and largest airports in London. It connects more than 16 million passengers yearly and includes one terminal and more than 26 check-in points.

Luton Airport covers more than 80 destinations around the world and most of them are within the United States and the United Kingdom. Apart from these destinations, the airport offers a diverse range of entertainment and security facilities to passengers.

Airport Location

The airport is linked with M25 and is around 29 miles - North of Central London. To access the airport, drive two miles from the M1 motorway Junction 10.

Luton Airport is located north of Central London. If you are departing from Liverpool airport, it will take you 3 hr 6 min (177.0 mi) via M6 and M1. It's a centre for cheap airlines, which serve both domestic and international flights. The airport terminal has several different facilities for the passengers and the airport is well-connected to London and other areas. Continuous expansions are undergone to meet the expanding demands for travel by air. 

Luton Airport London Directions

Via Road: 

Luton Airport can be easily accessed by road, with well-maintained routes from central motorways like M1. The airport has secure parking services for short, mid and long stays.

Via Train: 

Luton Airport connects to Luton Airport Parkway station through a special shuttle transfer service. From London Luton Airport Parkway, there are several train services to the city centre and other locations.

Via Bus

Various bus services are currently in operation to and from Luton Airport, connecting it to several areas in London and nearby destinations.

London Luton Airport's location and all these transport facilities make it easily accessible for passengers approaching from different cities of the country

Amazing discounts with Cheap Luton Parking Options

We provide you with up to a whopping 60% discount on our cheap airport parking Luton choices, which include our cheapest parking option, the official Luton  Short-Stay. If you want to view current prices, just provide your dates and time in our easy-to-use booking tool and it’ll show you current airport parking pricing and live availability. 

Compare Cheap Luton Airport London Parking Options

As far as the price comparison is concerned, we assure you that we offer a price check guarantee, and have never beaten on price. Our committed team spends hours precisely verifying price lists through extensive research. As they fluctuate continuously, our team stays dedicated, persistently on their workstations to immediately update the information on the comparison of cheap Luton Airport parking prices. 

This firm commitment ensures that our customers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date Luton parking price comparisons, enabling them to make well-informed choices about their car parking at Luton Airport. So, compare the prices according to the long-stay or short–stay parking and choose what deal suits you the best. 

Short-Stay Parking at Luton Airport London

We offer this parking for a short stay at the airport terminal. Whether you are at Luton to pick up or drop off a passenger, or some other business. On-airport parking is the best option for a short stay, because of its convenience, closeness to the airport, and cost-effectiveness.

If you want cheap parking at Luton Airport terminal, then you can go for Park and Ride for short-stay parking at Luton Airport. But, you will have to take a shuttle for park and ride, which will take around 10 – 15 minutes to reach the terminal. 

Long-Stay Parking at Luton Airport London

If you have long travel plans then our long-stay parking option would be the best for you. We offer a diverse range of cheap Luton airport parking like Meet and Greet and Park and Ride for long-stay parking. 

Meet and greet will offer a convenient option while staying within the budget and getting the best possible services. On the other hand, Park and Ride will offer the cheapest rate to spend a little extra time on a shuttle bus to reach the airport terminal.

Airport Transfers: 

Once you've booked and arranged your Luton parking, it's time to finish up your list of necessary travel items. Did you know that we provide transport to and from your destination airport in addition to excellent discounts on anything you could need at our airports located in the United Kingdom? We search for top-rated suppliers to deliver affordable airport transfers to over 4000 locations worldwide, so regardless of your destination, we can get you there with the least amount of hassle. We also offer a wide selection of cars, such as affordable shuttles and practical taxis. We offer inexpensive private minibuses for big parties, so regardless of your preferred mode of transportation and the number of people you are travelling with, we have a park-and-transfer solution for you. 

The Most Reputable Comparison Site for Luton Airport London Car Parking

Enjoy significant savings on car parking expenses when you opt for the convenient and cost-effective Meet and Greet service at Luton Airport. Save up to a remarkable 60% off of your hard-earned money, making your travel experience not only pleasurable but also budget-friendly. With just a simple click, access an array of desirable car parking options that suit your preferences. 

Our user-friendly platform ensures that your desired parking lots are just a click away, allowing you to effortlessly input your travel details and receive the latest quotes for parking lots situated conveniently near the airport. Say goodbye to the stress of exorbitant parking fees and embrace the ease and affordability of Meet and Greet services at Luton Airport. Make your journey hassle-free and economical by choosing our efficient parking solutions.

In addition, Meet and Greet Reservations provide you with the feature of price comparison that lets you choose the most ideal car parking deal in your vicinity according to your respective needs and requirements. We are happy to make the lives of our customers easier, at least where airport parking is concerned.

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